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WORK EXPERIENCE WEEK 13th - 17th October 2014

Posted by Nova Training on Sun, Aug 10, 2014 @21:29:00
WORK EXPERIENCE WEEK 13th - 17th October 2014

Work Experience Week is an opportunity to raise the profile of work experience.

We want to create a buzz and get people talking about the benefits of work experience and ultimately - Give Youth A Chance!


>>> Take the Work Experience Pledge to show your support!<<<

Work Experience week will be running from 13th October - 17th October 2014.
However, if October is too soon for you to make arrangements, we welcome you to "pledge" your willingness to recruit work experience learners in this week and recruit at a time that better suits you.


For employers work experience allows you to provide a young person with a great experience, allowing them to build a platform for their future, whilst opening your doors to work experience is a great way for you to meet fresh minded, motivated and innovative individuals!

Young people benefit massively from a good quality work experience scheme. It helps them to break the cycle of "no work experience - no work" by providing a good quality work opportunity that allows them to gain invaluable skills, helping them to tackle that first step into the workplace.


>>> Take the Work Experience Pledge to show your support!<<<

Work Experience


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