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Nova has 28 apprenticeship training centres throughout the West Midlands and the East of England. All centres are well equipped with ICT, plasma screens and a range of other resources. Many of our centres have additional workshops where you can learn a trade such as bricklaying, hairdressing, retail, beauty, plumbing, decorating, plastering, carpentry or motor vehicle.


IMI Accreditation Light Vehicle Inspection


IMI Accreditation Light Vehicle Inspection

Who is it for?
The IMI Accreditation Light vehicle Inspection, formerly ATA, is for technicians whose job role involves the inspection, maintenance and repair of light vehicles. Accreditation is for skilled and unsupervised  technicians with at least 3 years experience in light vehicle maintenance and repair who require assessment against industry standards and IMI recognition.
Inspection Technicians are able to calibrate emission test equipment before testing a vehicle, accurately inspect a vehicle, diagnose faults and correct repair requirements. A further requirement is to have knowledge of the appropriate wiring diagram required for the electrical systems of the vehicle being tested and have the skills to apply it.

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What is Light vehicle inspection accreditation?
IMI accreditation is a practical, non-academic way to demonstrate an individual’s  capability  with Light Vehicle Inspection and provides proof of current competence, knowledge and skills.


What are the benefits?
IMI Accreditation provides several benefits including:
An IMI Accredited certificate
Inclusion on IMI Professional Register –a database of professionals in the motor industry 
Industry – wide recognition of their skills and abilities
Advice and Guidance for development
An opportunity for career progression.


What is involved in the assessments?
Accreditation is valid for 3 years. Candidates are required to attend a full day assessment of their skills at Nova Training’s Centre in Bushbury Lane, Wolverhampton on a pre arranged date. The day will run from 8:30am – 4:30pm and consist of a full assessment of candidate knowledge and skills in the following 5 modules:


  • Emission Systems -  1hr Practical  Inspection 
  • Electrical Systems - 1hr Practical  Inspection 
  • Braking Systems - 1hr Practical inspection
  • Steering and Suspension System - 1hr Practical  Inspection 
  • Vehicle Structure - 30 minute Online Knowledge assessment
  • Vehicle Appraisal - 1hr Practical Inspection


Reaccreditation (update) can be done by completing 3 modules and is valid for a further 3 years.

  • Emission System  - 1hr Practical Inspection
  • Electrical Systems -  1hr Practical Inspection
  • Vehicle Appraisal - 1hr Practical Inspection


What does it cost?
The cost of the Light vehicle Inspection Accreditation is £350 per person for a one day assessment.

The cost of the reaccreditation (update)  is £200 for a one day assessment
All fees include registration and certification


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